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Watch for New Titles Every Wednesday!   
07:09pm 19/07/2007
mood: constipation elation sedation

I'm here. I am.
Kind of sort of.

watch for a new journal... uh... name.
I'll let you know.

Long story, involving

and finally

Have your proverbial appetites been whetted?
You can sip the starter soup a while, then I'll drop the main course.
Keep on keeping on.

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Hi, Everybody!   
12:09am 17/03/2007
  Your results:
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Click here to take the Super Villain Personality Test

Yeah, lots of stuff has happened.
Update later, 'bye!

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Only the most delicious of bagels receive mention.   
08:12pm 06/01/2007
mood: classical gas
Siegel's Rosemary & Rocksalt bagel, toasted with garlic/herb cream cheese.

That is all.

more bullshit...Collapse )
Now Steph and I are going to The Railway Club to see The Surf Messiahs!!
I can't wait.
Need to shower.

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Danielle vs. Scotch. Round 1. FIGHT!   
03:01am 27/12/2006
  Man this is killer
I have this incense holder Tamara gifted me for the Yule-Tidings
and it's like.. a ceramic piggy

........ too easily entertained

wait! no such thing!
it's a blessing to find good in the simple things in life!
it's too full of crap otherwise
enjoying small, seemingly inane things
makes for keeping me not only sane, but upbeat.

Take what's good, don't analyse it and compare it to the negativies of humanity's plight
until it loses its value as something to be enjoyed.

It's one of those cases where one must follow instinct.
And my instinct says 'laugh, smile, breathe, enjoi.'

This is an ability I hope to continue to apply throughout life
however long that'll be.

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01:34am 27/12/2006
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the eyes of a junkie are the tell-all
watch the eyes and you'll know everything
not consciously, not intellectually, not factually
but instinctually you'll be aware of the intensity of one's plight
and his always looking to things good

or maybe it's something we only pick out in each other
I don't know
but it's apparent from a mile down the way.

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12:56am 27/12/2006
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fuck. this song gets me every time.

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08:50am 13/12/2006
  Twenty-one years ago yesterday evening, my father was buying me my first dress (a tiny red one made of velvet), while my mother was attempting to breastfeed me while enduring the discomfort of cunt stitches.
My birthday was hella sweet for the most part.

Went for sushi, watched House, drank many wine, went to the reef (Karly bought me supper), drank beer, went to visit steph at work, drank coffee, came home, did laundry, passed out, woke up, had a smoke, brought laundry in. I'm sure more happened but I dunno.

However, the best hightlights came in the middle of the night when I woke up at 5am and lay in bed listening to Lucas vomit in the downstairs toilet for a half hour.

And also, when I woke up to my alarm but couldn't grab and/or turn off the alarm on the phone with my hands because they were both numb as I'd somehow passed out lying atop BOTH arms and I flailed around with a screaming telephone for a minute before managing to hit the snooze option with one of my front teeth.


okay, time to go to work!
Work work work.
It's christmas time at the Post Office. WHEEEEE.

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'a work in progress'   
09:30am 05/12/2006
mood: continuous
I need to go away or

failing that, require quiet.
no familiar music for now,

no material familiarities
no empty drug wraps strewn about my desk,
no sketch pens I've been doing nothing with as of late,
no constant mess with which to bury myself and to hide within
nothing that defines me in this stage of life.

because this mentalstate has been continuous for a long time,
and this stage of life has been drawing thin
and I don't know how much longer I can continue

jumping and
falling face first and
getting up and
jumping and
falling face first
without reason beyond that it smarts.

I'm always covered in cuts and bruises,
always bleeding and it's pleasing

Like I'm turning myself into swiss cheese so that the
physical things I do will open gaping holes in me
and everything on my mind will seep out automatically
so I won't have to explore it with my mind, only my body.

And right now it _must_ come out
and right now it doesn't matter if I heal
after the fact
after the swiss-cheese-gaping-hole-self-seepage

it just needs out and that's that.

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Life After God.   
11:41am 28/11/2006
  People around me are dying and all I want to do is sleep.
Twelve hours last night.
There's a call due to my grandmother I've been putting off.
There's a call to get in gear I've been putting off.

Simple pleasures,
simple production,
simple addiction

=/= simplicity.

not sure there's such thing as simplicity, only how clearly one understands a particular thing.
But maybe not.

It's too complicated to explore for the time being.

cleaning time.

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saturday night dancing like the way you move   
06:58pm 13/11/2006
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I took a quiz and it told me I was like Chuckie Manson and will likely spend the remainder of my days as the Junkie Overlord of a few dozen brainwashed nutjobs.

Pssh. As if I didn't know that already.

The Surf Messiahs played Malone's Saturday. Steph came with me!
I drank all the booze.
Or... almost all the booze. The rest of the booze I spilled on the table.
And on the seat.
And on my backpack.
But mostly on Bryce.

Uhh, basically I'm awesome. I dragged Bryce up to dance, and we got the floor bumping, bumping.
So pretty much Tony, Mike, and Matt owe us some hardcore shalaam-inating.

Then we left. Then I sprained my ankle in the crosswalk at Pender and Dunsmuir.
Then Steph saved my life by cabbing us home. I love Steph.
Then I somehow lost my phone in my bed and the alarm didn't go off and I woke up 4hrs later than intended, realised it _wasn't_ 06:00hrs, flew out of bed still drunk and fell on my sprained ankle again.
And then I was 2.5hrs late for work and mad hungover and have been walking like a gimpzombie since.

Pretty flipping epic.

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09:20am 29/10/2006
  Still awake from last night.
Been nursing a headache since yesterday morning. think I need food.

Ooh I hear someone moving downstairs, I'ma go see if this person is real or imagined.

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Repent, Dinner!   
06:39pm 25/10/2006
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Haha! In the Kidneys!   
07:38pm 14/10/2006
  So lately I've been having dreams.
And these dreams mostly consist of body parts being removed and/or TOUCHED VERY HARDLIKE WITH A FOOT.
Thursday night I slept up against a dismantled bicycle and I guess a spoke was pressing into my leg.
In my mind, this translated to my leg being amputated.
I wasn't too torn up. No leg means peg leg!

Mostly I can't tell what I've dreamt and what's actually happened, due to my incredible habit of not sleeping for days and then... doing nothing but sleeping... for days.

Balance of extremes, story of my life.

So anyway, I asked Steph today, as she built herself a delicious sandwich, if at some point in the last few days someone had kicked me in the kidney and laughed "Haha! In the kidneys!"

Because I swear it happened. And my kidney is not pleased.
I'll bet it was Jen.

Fuck you, Jen.

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no sleep for the wicked-awesome.   
08:50am 06/10/2006
mood: "Can you see my fingies?"
All right.
Jen and I stayed up all night long, babycakes!
Except she bawk-bawk-bawk'd to her cozy beddywedd approx.six in the A.M.
Granted she happened to have been able to match my consciousness-stride impressively for having wobbled home intoxicated at 1a.m.

Meanwhile I remained awake to munch the cold leftover perogies Steph made last night's supper.
ERK, I have to go to work now! waaah!

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05:30am 06/10/2006
mood: wokka wokka wokka

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Question of the Day:   
05:20pm 26/09/2006
  Why does the alarm always go off at the beginning or during the middle of the sex dream?  

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autumn's here.   
06:01pm 20/09/2006
  you can tell by the wind
by fresh cut wood
all stacked to dry

Introspective melancholy and poignant, learn-ed, instinctual memory
comes on the wind, same time every year.
Leaves turn, rain's like monsoons or leaky-condos or broken faucets.
Or cold clear afternoons
By the river, through the fence, on the tracks, through the grass
When everything's orange.

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"I'm not getting in the paddywagon, you FAGGOT."   
04:12pm 29/08/2006
mood: ooo art gallery
The past two nights I've slept in steph's bed because I have none of my own until the morrow. but really it's because we like to cuddle, are both light sleepers, and are highly amused at super-loud drug busts at 2:30 in the morning in the back lane.

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Jen is awesome, Pluto is not awesome.   
08:38am 24/08/2006
Jen really came through.

Also, Pluto is no longer to be considered a planet.
Sailor Pluto will be digitally expunged from all future Sailor Moon DVD releases and episodes in syndication.

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that is all.   
06:23pm 29/07/2006
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